Cleanest LMGT2s Ever – David’s and Jason’s Nismo Wheels

Sometime last year, David brought over his just-refinished 17×9 Nismo LMGT2 wheels to have the Falken rubber mounted onto them. Up until then, this was the cleanest set of LMGT2s I had ever seen.

This set was redone with the spokes in white and the centers polished, which I’d seen before. However, the bolts were uniquely finished in gold.

Protect the Nismo Lip

One of the helpful aspects of polished lips is that you can usually buff out imperfections like scuffs and light scratches, compared to painted or powder-coated lips, where you would have to re-color the damaged areas. Nevertheless, before mounting the tires, I performed the routine lip protection operation with some plastic wrap and tape.

Davids Nismos with Tires

Here’s how the set looked with the 255/40/17 Falken Azenis RT615K tires wrapped on. Very nice; a real cool setup for some sporty driving. I believe this would go on an S-Chassis eventually; S13 or S14. This was the absolute cleanest set of these wheels I’d ever seen…

…until Jason brought over his. These LMGT2s for his Skyline are a work of art as well!

Jasons LMGT2

Comparing David’s and Jason’s wheels, they’re similar, but different. Jason’s Nismo wheels have silver spokes with the center section colored, and you can see the more conservative silver bolts compared to the gold bolts on David’s wheels. But what’s not conservative is the sizing — these wheels are 18×10.5 with a +5 offset, an aggressive setup, even for Jason’s R32 Skyline.

Another difference between this set and the earlier one is the lip design. This set of Nismo wheels has a step lip, while the other’s is flat.

Here’s the LMGT2 with a 275-width Bridgestone Sport tire on it. Look at the width of that setup on the balancer.

So, which do you like more, David’s wheels or Jason’s? They’re both great-looking rebuilds, in my opinion. But one thing’s for sure — Jason’s wheels wouldn’t fit on my Nissan S14 (and most other cars) anyways. But that’s beside the point, or is it?

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