Crack Kills[Part 1] – Cody’s New SSR Wheels

Contrary to what the title might imply, the “crack” isn’t on any of the new SSR GTX03 wheels — actually, those are sparkling new, marked only by the finger prints of their new owner. Instead, the crack is on one of the spokes of the worn-out durable Advan RG wheels. The truth is that any wheel can crack if it’s been beat up hard enough or long enough. I remember a time when SSR carried a tainted reputation of being teased as “Super Soft Rims.” ha ha

But what many people fail to understand is that even forged wheels are eventually a wear item. They won’t live forever — some wheels have a shorter lifespan, and some wheels have a longer one. Beyond buying wheels that you think look cool, I think the an important goal is to obtain the best ratio between money spent and wheel life. That’s my theory anyways.

Cody came over to do some tire swapping off of the Advans and onto the SSRs. And here’s the crack on the RG. Boom, right through the spoke; that’s gotta hurt. No long-term repairs for something like that, unfortunately.

Here are the new SSR GTX03 Wheels wtih the new (used) tires mounted. Unfortunately, I don’t know what car these are going on to, but I hope we can discover that soon. I don’t mind though; this quick project involved no car and no TPMS system to verify or anything like that. Just some quick tire swaps, and that was it.

About these new SSRs — I’ve always been a fan of 5-spoke wheels. The wedged groove tapering into the spoke gives extra shape and probably helps to reduce the weight of the wheel just a bit. Neato. One interesting factoid is that it’s painted a darker gun-metallic color inside the barrel despite the bright silver finish on the spokes and lip. Normally, you’d have the whole wheel one uniform finish. I wonder why they decided to do that. Maybe it helps reduce the cost of painting. I can’t help but think that it would make production more expensive and time consuming. Go figure. What do you think?

Continued in Part 2 of this Story

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