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Crack Kills[Part 2] – Cody’s Honda Civic

I finally discovered what car those SSRs would be mounted to — right here on Cody’s Civic. Nice! But that’s not the whole story. Cody came back, and this time he brought his car. Today’s mission — swap the used tires for this rather meaty set of Falken Azenis. I asked Cody what track day he was preparing for. Cheekily, he said, “Nothing really,” and after a fair bit of confusion, I decided to spare myself the headache, as there would be no solved mysteries today. I suppose you just want maximum performance on grocery day sometimes.

Being the man of culture that he is, Cody brought his electric impact gun and sockets and mounted the wheels onto his car, saving me a bit of time. I need to get myself one of those fancy pants impacts one day…

civic custom front end

The chunky tires ended up making the fitment look a bit tall for his tastes. Cody later found himself lowering this car a bit further. I just hope his new aftermarket front end is going to be ok on the next trip to the market.

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