Double-Double Step Lip – Kenny’s So-Called Enkei RPF1s

You’ve probably never seen Enkei’s new rendition of their popular RPF1 wheel. You probably didn’t know they have a triple step lip version with dual bolt patterns to fit a wider range of sport compact cars either. Well, that’s because they don’t.

vors tr6

Kenny brought over this set of “Enkei” wheels, made by a company called Vors, and this model is the TR6. While it does bear a striking resemblance to its Enkei step-brother, the TR6 does have its differences. The first is the dual bolt pattern of the TR6 compared to the specific bolt pattern of the RPF1. Secondly, the TR6 has what some might call a “triple step lip” or even a “double-double step lip,” compared to the RPF1’s single-step lip. One thing is true — Vors tried really hard to separate themselves.

And yet, when a company simultaneously makes a wheel called “TR37,” which bears a striking resemblance to Ray’s TE37, it really makes you wonder. Were they trying to be different, or were they trying to be the same? It’s like 2 opposite ideologies crashing into each other in the arena. And yet, both ideologies come from the same tribe. At the root of all this madness, you might as yourself, “Then why…?” Well, it’s all in the dollar bills. A 15×8″ RPF1 is about $240. An equivalent TR6 is only $140. If you add up the cost of full set of wheels, that comes out to about 40% less cost for a set of TR6, without sales tax taken into consideration.

And technically, you do get the benefits — dual bolt patterns and an interesting looking lip design. At least, that’s what I’d say if I owned these wheels. Are these wheels knockoffs? Or are they legitimate wheels that have a foundation based on a popular design? Or is that idea in itself the definition of “knockoff?” If these wheels prove to be durable, then at least they would surpass one of the stereotypes of the copy-cat wheel category, and they can be gazed upon with nicer-colored glasses.

“Hey buddy, can I copy your homework?”

“Sure, but change it up a bit.

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