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Fresh Diamonds – Kenny’s TRD Wheels

I’m happy that my reputation is growing as a guy who is mindful when mounting and dismounting tires. I’ve owned a few sets of name brand or rare wheels, so I know exactly how it feels to take diligent care of them, only for some random tire technician to toss them around like the worn out chew toy of your neighbor’s German Shepherd.

That’s why Kenny decided to bring his rare TRD wheels to yours truly to mount and balance the first new set of tires since being freshly powder coated.

Here’s what the wheels look like with the center caps installed. Ahh yes, spotless. And yes, that’s another Prius. Interestingly enough, I’m starting to notice a pattern — Prius modders seem to be a community that values rare or expensive authentic wheels. Of course, that wouldn’t include everybody, but so far it’s been 3 out of 3 for me. They’re slowly changing my impression of what a Prius is about. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I’m starting to think of them as stylish tuner cars. Weird right? I know.

kennys prius outside

The TRD wheels would go home with Kenny tonight, and he would mount them to his car later. In the meantime, his Prius rolls on this clean set of HRE wheels.

A night wouldn’t be complete without a random appearance from Henry. A loose camber bolt on his Prius was an easy fix, just safe enough to get a proper alignment the next day. Kenny was happy to help with the precision eyeball alignment.

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