I Like Small Wheels and I Cannot Lie – Tim’s Honda Fit

You know what they say about a guy with small wheels. Small Tires. And you know, that’s just the way I like it. When Tim showed up in his track-prepped Honda Fit, I knew my muscles would thank me. It was a nice break from busting my skeleton on the last project I helped with.

Today’s job was to install new tires onto several pairs of some small and dandy aftermarket wheels — Volk Racing TE37s, SSR Type-Cs, and more. All of them were 15-inch wheels. Based on the wheel and tire package(s), it was evident that this extraordinary grocery-getter was built to achieve some decent lap times.

Here’s Tim mounting his freshly-washed wheels back onto his car with the new tires attached. In total, there were 6 tires to dismount, mount, and balance. EZ PZ at this size, and quick to do.

Finally it was finished, just in time to set new personal records the following weekend!

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