Alex Porsche with Fikse Wheels

It’s Pronounced “Por-Shuh.” – Alex’s Porsche

One quiet night many moons ago, I received a call from the big boss at Wheel Flip. Alex needed a sudden tire and wheel swap on his Porsche because he was going to sell it soon. How soon? Like, the next day.

Alex posted his wheels in an online classified ad with his car in the background. And what started as a “wheels for sale” post evolved into a car-for-sale transaction. The buyer contacted him, “Hey would you sell the car along with those wheels? If you put those wheels on the car, I’ll buy both of them from you together.” With an offering price he couldn’t refuse, Alex decided to sell his car the next day under the condition that it would have his black HRE wheels mounted to it.

Being that it was late at night, all the tire shops were already closed. So, Alex called me with this surprise request, and I was free to accept.

The car rolled in with these perfect Fikse wheels. Honestly, I preferred the look of these polished wheels to the black HRE mesh (below). But hey, I’m not the one buying the car. I don’t remember exactly how wide they were – 10.5″ or 11″… maybe even 12″. But check out the height of that barrel… that’s some serious stuff.

HRE Mesh

These HREs weren’t half bad either. These were the wheels originally for sale. Well, I suppose they were purchased anyhow — but they came with a car attached to them.

HRE Mounted to Porsche

Here’s the car with the buyer’s requested mesh wheels on it. Looks good! Although, I’d predict that almost any well-fitting wheel would look good on this car. Congrats to the buyer! P.S. I think he threw down something north of $50k for it. Yowza!

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