It’s Rally Time! – Kyle’s New DTM RaderWerkz Shoes

My imagination was suddenly washed-over with memories of dirt paths lined by swarms of rowdy onlookers. But wait a minute. These aren’t those classic OZ Rally Wheels! Trickery aside, these were entirely different.

Kyle, the owner of Pro Shop Noble brought his brand new DTM RaderWerkz wheels over to mount a fresh set of stretched tires. The wheels are 17×8.5, and Kyle was determined to have me fit on some 195/40/17 tires for his Nissan Cube.

With the right tools and a careful hand, this was easy-peasy, and I was able to mount and balance the tires without harming these brand new wheels.

Here’s how the RaderWerkz wheels look with the narrow 195 tires mounted to them. Love ’em or hate ’em, the stretched-tire look is a delicious acquired taste.

After I finished mounting and balancing the tires, Kyle decided to make his new wheels look nice and pretty for picture time. Cheese!

A well-deserved ‘mirin (admiring) session was had afterwards. I remember these sort of nights from many years past. It was a vibe similar to the nights loitering at the now closed, legendary Signal Auto in Torrance, drooling over their specially-made drift cars, or the days coincidentally running into other drifters at the wheel shop ALTA in Rosemead.

From left-to-right, we have Cody from Zero Auto Factory, Kyle from Pro Shop Noble, Jake, and Tim. Many years ago, all of us were customers, and now we’re providers. I guess you don’t ever really get away from the hobbies you love or the friends you hold dear.

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