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Katamari Damacy – Cody’s Gram Lights and Sticky Tires

Have you ever played Katamari Damacy on Playstation? You play as an alien prince tasked with the mission of re-building the stars and moons by rolling a magical sticky ball called a “katamari” that traps objects on itself. As you continue to roll the ball around town, it sticks increasingly-larger objects to itself, growing in size until it becomes a star or moon.

That video game is the first thing that came to mind when Cody brought over his used Falken RT-660 tires that he wanted to mount to his new Rays Gram Lights 57V wheels.

You may have seen the phenomenon where sticky racing tires pick up rubber from the ground, left by tires from other race cars. Much like Katamari Damacy, this particular set of RT-660 tires seem to have picked up enough material to start forming moons of their own.

on the balancer

One might argue that these tires have more rubber on themselves now than when they were brand new! Ok, maybe an exaggeration; but still funny to think about. Why buy new tires? Just go racing and “rebuild” your tires using the technique of the alien prince! LoL

When all was said and done, Cody took these wheels and tires back home to be attached to one of his many project Civics. I pray we all live long and happy lives until these katamari start rolling again, picking up everything in their path until our planet is no more.

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