Not the Rapper’s Delight – Vinh’s Escalade

With a bit more chrome and size, this Escalade could have become a call sign for one of SoCal’s up-and-coming Asian rappers. Instead, the owner Vinh journeyed a different route to stardom with a set of beefy off-road wheels.

The truck arrived, originally equipped with these standard-issue polished wheels. Today’s project was to transfer the tires from these wheels to Vinh’s just-bought set of used Pro Comp wheels.

Not exactly your typical “bling,” these wheels were heavy-duty and super durable. According to Vinh, the previous owner used these wheels for off-road excursions, and they appeared to be holding up just fine. Now that they’ve become Vinh’s wheels, it was time to give his Escalade a sweet appearance upgrade.

While I swapped the tires over to his new wheels, I took this opportunity to repair a puncture that was in one of the tires. Although these are off-road wheels, since the truck would be used on the street primarily, Vinh wanted to use road tires (instead of off-road tires) because they would be much quieter. This meant less NVH or Noise, Vibration, & Harshness.

After that was finished, it was finally time to mount and balance the tires, and then attach them to the truck. What a nice upgrade!

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