NA1 Acura NSX

Original Gangsta – Corbin’s NSX

Some people will do it cheaper; some will do it faster. But I’ve contended that I will always do it with more care. That’s why Corbin chose me when it was time to mount new tires on his newly-refinished OEM Acura NSX wheels. Because they were repainted, the surfaces of the wheels would be more fragile than if they had been powder coated. But not to fear.

Falken Azenis RT615K

Of course, first we had to find tires for the car. On the first generation NSX, the wheel setup is quite small by today’s standards — the front wheels are 15″ and the rears are 16″. Corbin wanted tires with a sporty grip that would last longer than tires made specifically for racing, and he wanted them to be reasonably quiet. We decided to go with the Falken Azenis RT615K to get the job done.

But at the time, there was a shortage. Luckily, we were able to acquire the staggered set without waiting for back-orders. This was a few weeks ago, and today, I hear that stocks are still low. I’m not sure if the shortage is with Falken primarily or if it’s something to do with this specific tire model.

The tires wrapped themselves neatly around the wheels, and the liquid smooth silver finish was left without a scratch. As I finished mounting and balancing the tires, Corbin mentioned something about ideal roll angles. Proud NSX owners, I guess 😉

I wish Corbin’s NSX would have blessed my eyes in person, but for now we’ll settle for a photo taken a week later from his driveway. In my mind, I imagine this car with some nice multi-spoke Volk Wheels, but all-original is pretty nice too!

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