White and Silver Regamasters

Regamaster Party – Jason’s and Andrew’s S2000 Wheels

Ages ago, it would have been uncommon to see a full set (or even a pair) of Desmond Regamaster wheels in person. It would have been even more rare for those wheels to appear as brand new. And yet, even though I’m starting to see this wheel more frequently, they’re still a beautiful sight to behold, especially on the right car with proper fitment.

Jason recently acquired this set of white Regamasters to mount Falken RT660s to and replace the wheels that were on his Honda S2000. Although the currently-mounted wheels were lovely in their own right, the Regas would be a light-weight upgrade. Plus, there’s just something about white wheels; you can’t go wrong.

For a moment, I’d thought this would be a special occasion in itself…

White and Silver Regamasters

… but then, Andrew showed up with his silver Regamasters for HIS S2000. What in the world… It was like seeing two shooting stars simultaneously crashing into each other, with the explosion creating a heart pattern in the night’s sky. Now that’s unexpected.

No matter how many times I see it, one can’t deny — it’s a an exquisite wheel. Here’s Jason’s car with the white set. And maybe we’ll see Andrew’s S2000 with the silver set one of these days.

Forgot About Dre

~Y’all know me, still the same O.G…~

How fitting. 🙂

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