Honda Civic Type-R in the Air

Same-Same, But Different – Bryan’s Civic Type-R

Bryan approached me with his Civic Type-R and a common request — at his discretion, we would swap out his aging Falken RT660s with a nicer, used set Bridgestone Potenza RE-71Rs. As I was making the change, an old curiosity returned to my attention. There were a few tire models released in the last year or two that has strikingly near-identical tread patterns; namely the Falken RT660, Bridgestone RE-71R, Dunlop ZIII, and maybe one or two others that I’m forgetting. I couldn’t help but wonder wonder why this similarity existed.

First, I removed the Titan7 wheels from his Civic. Wrapped around them were Bryan’s old Falken RT660 tires, worn down to near the wear indicators.

With the Falken RT660s rolled beside the RE-71R, the resemblance already starts to emerge.

Same Same

But once you see both together from a top angle, they look very similar, having just a few slight differences. And it kind of makes me wonder… what’s the deal with this? Did these tire manufacturers discover some sort of scientifically optimal tread pattern for performance street/race tires? Or maybe this is this some sort of inside joke? I honestly have no idea, but maybe someone can chime in because I’m genuinely curious.

After comparing shoes, the Bridgestones were mounted to the Titan7 wheels, and the wheels were bolted back to the car, ready for Thursday’s time attack event.

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