Tesla Model Y with GMR Wheels Lowered

Slamming Teslas – Allen’s Model Y

Every now and then, I’m graced with the presence of someone famous. This was one of those times, as I had the pleasure of completing this tire mounting project for a popular Instagram comedian. Aside from shining light on the funnier side of Asian culture, Allen is also a fan of “slamming Teslas” on 3-piece aftermarket wheels.

GMR Wheel

Allen decided to have a custom set of 20×9.5 GMR Wheels built by VR Wheels just for his ride. Here they are, still in their lip-protection wrapping.

I carefully mounted this set of wheels with Nexen Roadian GTX Tires, a nice combination of affordability, quality, and name-brand recognition. The tire fitment sat slightly stretched, nothing too crazy, but just enough to fit under the fenders of Allen’s Model Y, with the bags aired out.

Closeup Model Y Rear

Here’s how the car looks lowered on the wheels. Very nice! At this stance, a Model Y goes from looking like an SUV to almost like a car, or at least a cross-over.

If you’d like some wheels like these, call VR Wheels and ask for either Phil or Jack. You can tell them Mike at Goodnight Tire Service sent you 🙂

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