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Super Stagger Setup – Emerson’s Civic

I’m not hating, but my lack of experience leaves me a bit surprised! Maybe it’s completely normal in the great land of FF sports driving, and that’s why my FR self is utterly clueless. What am I talking about? Of course, I’m referring to the epic 255-front / 215-rear stagger tire setup on Emerson’s Honda Civic.

But first, I had to remove the previous set of shoes.

It’s as if the old tires had come home from a bar brawl on the wrong side of the railroad tracks. They showed some worrisome slices. But according to Emerson, the cuts may have been caused by fender rubbing. Although, it looked more like he’d made his way to the warehouse by driving through that one road… yeah… you know, that road made of old knives and box-cutters. Needless it say, it was a fitting time for new rubber.

I knew a little about the type of stagger that FF drivers like to do. But I didn’t know they liked staggering with such a great degree of difference. In the front, Emerson decided to go with 255-width Falken Azenis RT615s. But the rears were not simply 1 or 2 sizes narrower. At a whole 4-steps down, the rears would be Azenis in 215-width.

“Tell me you like drifting without saying you like drifting.”

Even though keeping this inexpensive set of wheels safe was a low priority, I still put in the effort to keep them free of any nicks or scratches. In his words, Emerson said not to worry about it, but I figured I may as well be careful as practice for… being careful.

Once the new tires were on the wheels and mounted to the car, it was time to check out the fitment. It was quite respectable — something high in meatiness but low in fender gap. One finger does it. LoL.

emerson finished

All done, and ready to hit the track (or the nearest winding road). I wonder what this car feels like braking into a corner.

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