The Only Stock Height Prius in the World – Ben’s Prius

Interestingly, this is the first Prius that’s come to me that wasn’t already on air bags or coilovers. How’s that for trends in 2021? I hear that Prius-tuning is huge in Japan, and we’re finally seeing it now in the USA — it’s now RARE to find a Prius that’s not slammed. Or at least, it’s rare for a friend of Henry’s.

Bens new Advan RG

Ben showed up with the cleanest set of used Advan RG wheels in bronze that I’ve ever seen. As expected, he was eager to get them mounted onto his car with the new Kenda tires he brought with him.

I mounted the tires onto the wheels, and he and Kenny mounted them to the Prius.

More and more, I’m seeing these particular Rays aluminum lug nuts. I can’t fault them though, they do match up properly with the blue painted strip around the face of the wheel. All Ben needs now is some suspension. Coilovers? Bags? What’ll it be?? I’m sure we’ll find out real soon!

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