Apple Valley Speedway at Night

“Turbo Weather” – Apple Valley Speedway 11/18/2022

That’s the nice way of saying that unless you were one of the few dudes here who grew up outside of Southern California, it was COOOOOLD; playtime was about 40 degrees F, and despite the new spotlights on the track, it was still quite dark at my hosted event at AVS.

… Unless of course you had enough foresight to add a lightbar or 3 to your car, like Justin and Erick did. The Z to the left had one central rectangular bar added with two smaller led lights on the left and right of the front bumper angled at 45 degrees to help with visibility while drifting. The BMW to the right had a light bar, with the addition of under-glow. I wonder if it helped visibility or if it was mostly for cool-points.


If you weren’t drifting, you could still do grip runs around the track — the spot lights would at least show you where the corner apexes were. So, even if you didn’t have a kick-ass lighting system, you could still get out there and have a lot of fun.

A proper track event would be incomplete without a bit of fiddling around in the engine bay. From left to right: Justin replaces a damaged accessory belt while Jon troubleshoots a dead radiator fan. David and friends poked around in the engine bay of his SR5 Corolla.

Others came out to meet with friends and hang out near the campfire.


Despite the coldness and lack of visibility, it was a relatively successful event with lots of track time for everyone in attendance. In total, there were about 10 signups. Next time, we’ll do it when it’s a little bit warmer and a little bit nicer, most likely on a Saturday. So until then, be safe, and I’ll see you when we try this again in January or February!

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