porsche cayman after mount and balance

Up to the Edge – Angela’s Porsche Cayman

Angela drove on these tires until the tread pattern looked like it was drawn with a marker on a slick tire. I suppose that’s one way to get your money’s worth! But that’s only somewhat acceptable for so long. It’s now December, and the rain clouds will soon be wetting the streets. She’s gonna need something with a bit more depth. Perfect timing.

tires almost finished

For this job, we went with a set of Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 Tires to replace what was there before. These seemed to give the balance of lifespan and sportability that Angela wanted. No crazy, super sticky, mega wide tires here. But then again, this Porsce’s mid-engine layout makes it great for grip no matter what tires are on it. (Unless they’re some real pieces of junk) EZ PZ.

While I worked on the tires, Tim decided to unpack some new light bulbs to replace one or two of the ones at the back of the car that had fizzled out recently. All-in-all, this one was a piece of cake. One thing that’s pretty interesting about this car is that the TPMS sensors practically lay against the inner barrel of the wheel. They certainly stayed away from the tires, which kept them safer during mounting and dismounting compared to most of the other sensors I’ve seen before. Neato!

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