Justin's LS400

VIP Drift – Justin’s LS400

Lately, all of the tuner sedans I’ve seen have been impeccably clean show cars with beautifully-kept appearances. I totally forgot about the phenomenon of VIP drift cars!

When you think about it, it’s something like a show car with BAD intentions. For example, take Justin’s LS400, with its expensive Advan GT wheels (not just 4, but 6 of them), aggressively flush fitment, slammed suspension, and reasonably clean body. Then you take that whole setup and you toss it sideways into corner #1 at AVS like it doesn’t even matter. That’s VIP drift.

Justin visited because he wanted to change his front wheels (Red Advan GT) for the darker-colored ones, with the goal of having all of the wheels on his car be the same color. On the picture to the right, you can see the beating that his rear fender took while fighting with various tires.

Advan GT

Here are the wheels that would go to the front of the car. To be fair, it’s hard to tell if they’re Advan TC-4 or Advan GT. I’m thinking, “Ok it’s a VIP car, so maybe they’re the more expensive, forged ‘GT’ model.”

Here’s how it looks with all wheels being the same color. Look at that tight fitment in the rear. Not bad at all! What do you think?

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